Hello everyone!  It’s definitely been a while since I’ve last wrote or posted anything up here.  However, I’m still here and I’m very active in the ministry.  Today I want to give a you a few updates as to what’s been going on in my world and a few plans I have for the upcoming future.

To God be the glory!  Great things He has done and I know He will continue to do.  It has been a very busy last couple of months for me.  The preparation of this year’s Easter cantata for our Church was the biggest part of the load. My hours have also increased somewhat at work and so now I’m basically working an 8-4,5 shift Monday-Friday.  On Saturdays I usually work at Church and do things with the music program in preparation for upcoming services.  I also continue to teach piano currently on Mondays for two hours after work.

I’m currently in the process of moving.  I plan to give you updates in the near future about this.  I am also preparing to start recording my second CD this year.  I am so excited about this and can’t believe that I’m actually about to come out with a second CD already.  God is so good!  It’s my prayer that all who come under the sound of my music will see the love of Christ and that I can be a blessing to them.  My number one goal with anything I do is to point others to Jesus.  That is the ultimate goal of my ministry.

I’m not sure what my internet access will be like over the next couple of weeks due to the move, but until the next post you can keep up with me on instagram over at http://www.instagram.com/joshuaharrisonministries. As always, I appreciate your continued support and prayers.  God bless!




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