Welcome 2017! New Year, New Goals



Wow!  Where does the time go?  It almost seems as if just a few weeks ago we celebrated New Year’s Eve for 2016, and now, a few weeks later here we are.  It’s 2017.  As I continue to grow older, it seems as if time never slows down but speeds up.  I also realize the fact that I’m not getting any younger either.  I must be a wise steward of the time that God has given to me.  In light of this fact, I want to talk about goals I have set for this year concerning my music.  Some things will have to deal with my personal life, but today I want to mainly concentrate on goals I have for the ministry God has given to me.

Goal # 1 – Practice More… No matter how full my schedule will be I will make the time to practice.  As the saying goes, you will make time for what you love.  As a Church pianist, it’s my job to make that I am well-practiced and to make sure I have enough piano solos in my repertoire to drop and play at any given moment’s notice!  I also personally want to improve my skills at playing the piano.

Goal # 2 – Add 40-50 new songs to my repertoire… I really do not have these goals in any particular order, but in reference to my first goal, this will actually give me something to make sure that I am practicing more.  This is going to help me add both to my sacred and secular repertoire.

Goal # 3 – Record a video every week and upload it the web…This is going to be especially helpful to those who are considering hiring me for their event!  I would like to do this at least every other week if not every week.  This could be new music, or music I already have in my current repertoire.

# 4 – Network with other ministries

# 5 – Complete a 2nd CD

# 6 –  Get at least 15 student s in my studio

# 7 – Take piano lessons again

Some of these are going to take a considerably good amount of effort on my part, but, thank God I do not have to do it alone.   Jesus is going to be right there with me every single step of the way . I eagerly await 2017 to see what this year is going to hold.  I am more excited to share these adventures with you!

These are just a few of the many goals I have for both my music and personally, but, I just thought I would list a few of the main ones for you.

Happy New Years!  May God richly bless you this year, 2017






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