Missions Trip 2016 – Deming, New Mexico (Land Of Enchantment)


With Christmas just around the corner, 2017 will be here before we know it.  Over the last couple of days I’ve been doing some reflecting on this past year and how God has worked in my life and shown me His faithfulness.  My mind keeps on going back to a particular time this past summer though which was our second trip to Deming, New Mexico.  God really did a work in my life this particular week in showing me His Will for my life.  I thought that I would share this post then, but I just didn’t feel at liberty from the Holy Spirit to do so.  In today’s post, I want to show you exactly what God did for me and how He spoke to my heart about His Will for my life and also how I saw that I can trust Him, no matter what the situation may be.

God really does work in mysterious ways.  Life seems to be an ever learning journey.   Little did I know that when I left with my church group on Friday, June 24, 2016, that I would learn more about God and His will for my life.  Up until this week I thought I knew what He wanted me to do. However, His ways are not our ways.

On June 24, 2016, I left with my church group to go to Deming, New Mexico for the second year to in a row to assist Pastor Steven Sykes of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.  Last year we helped Bro. Sykes prepare for His grand opening by passing out 5000 tracts in one week.  In addition to that we helped by doing different jobs around the church such as putting the steeple up, cleaning the property outside the church, and pretty much anything we could do that would help this Pastor.  This year we did not have as much to do though. However, we did have our hands busy and not only were we able to be a great help to this pastor but also to a couple of members of his Church by helping them do some yard work. That was a tough little job too.  I could tell I’m not used to that kind of work and it made me more appreciative of the privilege I have to work on the inside, however, I stuck in there, got my hands dirty and received the joy and blessing of being a help to someone in need.  Most importantly I was able to show the love of Christ to this man and his wife.

My main duty during this particular week was to help this Pastor record music on His digital piano and assist his oldest daughter with piano lessons.  This man does not have a pianist and so I was able to help him by recording close to 140 hymns for him.  I thought this task would be an easy one, but once I started I knew that wouldn’t be the case. However, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  This in combination with giving his daughter piano lessons was where I began to really see God’s will for my life.

Lately I’ve been praying about being a music missionary.  This past August, I enrolled in Bible College at Calvary Baptist Bible College in King, NC where I am studying missions.  My goal is to combine my mission training with my music and be a help to churches by assisting in helping them build Christ centered music programs,  teaching them music, train pianist and etc.  This in combination with writing music for church and church pianist. I have seen there is a great need for this, especially in smaller churches across the state and I’m sure across the country.  Assisting Pastor Sykes this past summer has really brought this to a greater light to my eyes.

Originally our church had planned to go to Pensacola Christian College in Florida for camp but things didn’t work out and God had other plans. Literally, about four days before we were scheduled to leave we found out that we would not be able to go. A bit confused, and left in bewilderment, we knew that we had to trust God.  We may never know why God allowed things to change.   Could He have been protecting us from something that could have done harm to us? Many times I find that is a general conclusion we like to jump to.   Maybe, maybe not.   However, I do know for myself that it was meant for me to go to New Mexico. I am so thankful to God for allowing things to change. I do not believe that I would have met with God in this way had I gone to Florida.   I do know that going to camp would have been a bit more “fun” but this fun for me might would have taken my focus from God and I may could have missed something very important.  By all means, please do not think I’m against Christian camps and having fun. In fact, I’m all for them.  I just don’t think it was meant for me to go to this camp this go-round. That’s all.

At the end of the week, we were able to go  to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon.  That was awesome! To see something that big and know that God created it made it an even more amazing.   To have the opportunity to travel through all the states was great too because I’ll never know of I’ll be able to make my way back West again.  I also collected a bunch of post cards too.  It’s a hobby I developed a few years ago.

On the way back we did have some vehicle trouble with the transmission in our church van.  We were delayed a day in Amarillo, Texas.  Through unfavorable conditions that day,  God blessed and a local church of that area helped provide a van and we were able to continue on our trip home.

I thank God for His undeserving grace and mercy!  I thank God for His faithfulness and protection.


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